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Monitoring SNMP v1 devices with Opsmgr 2007 July 7, 2007

Posted by Björn Axéll in KB, SCOM.

There has been a lot of question about what version Opsmgr 2007 support and for RTM it was only SNMP V2c, but now they have released a QFE that will add support for SNMP v1.

How to Add a SNMP devices (both versions)

1)From the Administration space in the Console, Start the Discovery Wizard

2)On the Auto or Automatic dialog box, Select Advanced discovery

3)In the drop menu, select Network device and click Next

4)On the Discovery Method dialog box, add the IP-range you want to scan in and the SNMP community string. Note that after installing the QFE, you will have a drop menu where you can chose to scan for SNMP v1 or v2

The KB article is KB939364. Note that you will need to call CCS to receive the QFE (but they won’t charge for it)

Important to note that this QFE is only for Opsmgr 2007, there will be another for SCE!


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