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Microsoft System Center Essentials (SCE) 2007 Post Release Hotfix Rollup September 30, 2007

Posted by Björn Axéll in KB, SCE.
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Have you tried to install SCE without success, try again! Microsoft has now released a “Rollup QFE” that update original installation files with new files that includes fixes for three issues:

  • 936481 You cannot install the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Reporting feature in a disjointed namespace environment
  • 936339 Windows-based computers are not displayed in the Network Topology diagram view in System Center Essentials 2007, and WSUS component parts fail on the Essentials 2007 agents after you deploy the agents
  • 937467 Update files not getting downloaded to the Essentials 2007 server when importing updates from a partner catalog

Note that this rollup can only be used if you do a new installation, you can’t use it if you already installed SCE.


Download the rollup package from Microsoft download site or download the 90-day evaluation that includes the rollup package

Update 2007-10-01 – On the download page for the rollup, it only state that the fix includes two fixes (936339 and 936481). This is incorrect and it will be updated

System Center Operations Manager 2007 Tools and Utilities September 30, 2007

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Microsoft has now released a couple of tools that are included in the Resource Kit for Opsmgr 2007 (you can use most of them if you are using SCE)

Sample Vista Gadget

A Vista Gadget that enables you to view the active alerts and health states for a specified set of objects from a computer running Windows Vista.

1. Allows selection of object types.
2. Displays alert counts for each severity level.
3. Color-coded alert levels.
4. Color-coded summary of health states.

Operations Manager Inventory

A command-line utility that captures the configuration of your Operations Manager 2007 Management Servers and stores it in a .cab file that can be sent to Microsoft support to assist in problem analysis.

Feature Bullet Summary
1. Collects Windows Installer data for Ops Mgr installation.
2. Collects file information for Ops Mgr files.
3. Collects registry settings information for Ops Mgr installation.
4. Collects Ops Mgr server configuration data.
5. Collects data regarding running processes on Ops Mgr servers.
6. Collects Ops Mgr install logs.
7. Collects Windows event logs.

Operations Manager Cleanup Tool

A command-line utility that enables you to remove any or all of the components of Operations Manager from a local computer in cases where the normal method of uninstallation has failed.

1. Fast command line removal of agents.
2. Fast command line removal of server roles.
3. Removal of services associated with Ops Mgr.
4. Removal of registry keys.
5. Removal of Ops Mgr install directories and files.

AEM Validation

A command line utility that will allow you to perform end-to-end validation of Agent-less Exception Monitoring to verify that AEM is properly configured and operational.

Feature Bullet Summary
1. Generates a test exception.
2. Allows end-to-end validation of AEM functionality.

AEM Management Pack

A Management Pack that enables you to identify generic errors sent by Windows Error Reporting (WER) clients to Management Servers that are AEM-enabled. Without this mapping function these errors appear in Operations Manager as “unknown application” and “unknown version”.

1. Identifies application associated with generic exceptions.
2. Provides application version information for generic application exceptions.
3. Facilitates more precise application exception reporting.

Active Directory Integration Sample Script

A sample script that enables you to extract a list of computer names from your custom SQL Server database and add them to an Active Directory security group. The security group can then be referenced in the Agent Assignment and Failover Wizard to automate agent assignments to Management Servers.

1. Queries customer SQL asset database.
2. Populates custom security group with computer accounts of computers returned by the SQL query.

Effective Configuration Viewer

A tool that displays the set of rules and monitors that are running on a computer, distributed application, or any other managed entity after any configured overrides have been applied.

Feature Bullet Summary
1. View effective monitoring of a managed object after overrides are applied.
2. View monitors and current state

Action Account Tool

A PowerShell script that allows you to set the action account on groups of computers.

Feature Bullet Summary
Modify action account settings for groups of computers with a single command.


To read more, visit the Resource Kit site

Problems when using the "updates from third partners" function in SCE September 17, 2007

Posted by Björn Axéll in KB, SCE.
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As you know, SCE has the function to import updates from third partners. As I wrote in one of my post, this function was not working in SCE RTM. Last week Microsoft released a new QFE (937467) that fixes this problem, but I would recommend you to wait a while since I found some problem after you imported HP catalog (not that this could also happen when importing from other vendors).

Problem 1

After importing the HP catalog, I got an update notification on one of my Vista machines. The notification informed me that two HP updates were needed (HP ProtectTools Security Manager, MSRC Number 2.00.D3 and HP Java Card Security for ProtectTools, MSRC Number 1.00.B4). When I tried to install them, both updates failed and the reason were “operating system not supported”. I have reported this to HP and they will fix it in the next catalog.


1. Wait for the updated version of the catalog (I think it is released ones per month)

2. Decline the updates that are failing.

Problem 2

The day after I installed the HP catalog, I saw that my clients failed to receive updates. When I looked in the windowsupdate.log on the client I saw a lot of 0x8024400D errors. With some help from the product team, we found that the issue is related to the HP catalog.


1. Don’t import the HP catalog

2. Wait for a fix from Microsoft or HP (the product team is working on a solution)

3. If you already imported the HP catalog, decline some of the content which was imported from the HP catalog. Delete in batches of ten until the clients are able to successfully detect.


The QFE is not available from support.microsoft.com site but you can order it from the following link

System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1 release plans September 14, 2007

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Source: System Center Operations Manager team

The Operations Manager team is making good progress on readying the first Service Pack for the OpsMgr 2007 product. The high level themes of this service pack are:

· Address critical customer initiated issues including roll-up of all hotfixes

· Make the product easier to support

· Make the product easier to use

· Make the product easier to deploy

The first opportunity for our customers to utilize SP1 will be coming up in early November when the Release Candidate version of SP1 will be made available. This Release Candidate (RC) has undergone extensive testing for quality, stability and performance. We will be making this RC publically available and encourage customers to make use of it for all their environments, except for production environments where pre-release code is not appropriate.

The reasons the product team is making the RC of the Service Pack generally available are:

· To give customers evaluating OpsMgr 2007 advance access to the SP to aid in their evaluation and proof of concept deployments

· To give current OpsMgr 2007 customers that may have hotfixes in their environment an opportunity to test the Service Pack and provide feedback on it

· Ultimately to make sure that the final RTM release of the Service Pack is of the highest possible quality.

Release Candidate details:

· This will be publicly available release. In early November 2007, a link from our home page on www.microsoft.com/opsmgr will help customers find the SP once it is posted.

· This release will be supported. Support options include:

o Newsgroups – there will be a dedicated SP1 newsgroup

o Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) – you can use your standard support options to get support on this edition

o While CSS support is fully available, the product team is not pledging to provide Hotfixes on the RC, rather hotfix candidates would be incorporated into the final RTM version.

o Support for the RC will end 30 days after the RTM version is released.

· This release is fully upgradable to the final RTM version of the Service Pack.

Final RTM details:

· To provide for sufficient time to get feedback on the Release Candidate the final (RTM) release of the Service Pack 1 release is targeted for mid-February 2008.

· This version of the Service Pack will be able to be applied to upgrade the originally released RTM version of Operations Manager 2007 and it will also upgrade Operations Manager 2007 running the Release Candidate of SP1.

More details on what is fixed and enhanced in SP1 will accompany the Release Candidate version along with instructions on how to upgrade your deployment.

New Management Packs September 5, 2007

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Today Microsoft released 4 new management packs for SCE/SCOM.

Windows Internet Naming Service Management Pack 2000, 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

Download from Microsoft

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004, and 2006 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

Download from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

Download from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Distributed Transaction Coordinator Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

Download from Microsoft

Note! All of these requires OpsMgr 2007 MOM 2005 Backward Compatibility MP Update) 6.0.5000.12 (or higher). If you haven’t updates yet, dowload and install before importing the new MP. Download from Microsoft