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Problems when using the "updates from third partners" function in SCE September 17, 2007

Posted by Björn Axéll in KB, SCE.

As you know, SCE has the function to import updates from third partners. As I wrote in one of my post, this function was not working in SCE RTM. Last week Microsoft released a new QFE (937467) that fixes this problem, but I would recommend you to wait a while since I found some problem after you imported HP catalog (not that this could also happen when importing from other vendors).

Problem 1

After importing the HP catalog, I got an update notification on one of my Vista machines. The notification informed me that two HP updates were needed (HP ProtectTools Security Manager, MSRC Number 2.00.D3 and HP Java Card Security for ProtectTools, MSRC Number 1.00.B4). When I tried to install them, both updates failed and the reason were “operating system not supported”. I have reported this to HP and they will fix it in the next catalog.


1. Wait for the updated version of the catalog (I think it is released ones per month)

2. Decline the updates that are failing.

Problem 2

The day after I installed the HP catalog, I saw that my clients failed to receive updates. When I looked in the windowsupdate.log on the client I saw a lot of 0x8024400D errors. With some help from the product team, we found that the issue is related to the HP catalog.


1. Don’t import the HP catalog

2. Wait for a fix from Microsoft or HP (the product team is working on a solution)

3. If you already imported the HP catalog, decline some of the content which was imported from the HP catalog. Delete in batches of ten until the clients are able to successfully detect.


The QFE is not available from support.microsoft.com site but you can order it from the following link


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