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Microsoft – What were you thinking when you decided the different Vista versions? December 15, 2008

Posted by Björn Axéll in Windows.

Since I in the past weeks have had a couple of hardware failures on both my laptop and media center machines I wanted to make sure I had good backups of the machines. I’ve used the Vista Complete Backup on my laptop in the past, that time only to test a disk replacement. I really liked the feature so I thought this would be a good “extra” backup of my media center computer (except for file backup).

The problem  – I couldn’t find it under “Backup and Restore Center”. I did a web search and found out it wasn’t included in the Vista version I use (Vista Home Premium). How come a feature like this is removed from any version of Windows. If you do need to remove it, remove it from the enterprise versions, not for the home users that really need a feature like this. So I the took the decision to upgrade to Vista Ultimate, this is where I run into the next problem:-( I use Swedish version of Vista and the Vista Ultimate DVD I had was in English. I couldn’t see any problem with this since Vista is language natural but I was wrong. I couldn’t do an upgrade between languages so I had to download a Swedish version of Vista Ultimate and do the upgrade. The other part I don’t understand is why I need to do a full upgrade when I upgrade between Vista versions – I thought it would be easi to this since Vista is componentized.

Conclusion – I really hope Microsoft reduce the Windows 7 versions to 2, one for the home users and one for the enterprise and to include all type of applications that can help home users to secure there data.


1. Joachim Nässlander - December 18, 2008

After having upgraded / reinstalled a few installations of my own I’ll have to agree. I definitely agree that the enterprise versions don’t need any backup software since any enterprise ought to have other solutions in place. Now you should go back to being daddy. And don’t forget to read your email 😉

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