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Ever wanted to have a report to get a list of updates that are not approved – Missing Updates MP is now available to download May 25, 2009

Posted by Björn Axéll in How-To, SCE.

If you have been working with System Center Essentials, you know that there is no report/view to see updates needed but not approved. As of today, the only way you have been able to get this list is to:

  1. Use the powershell script that the SCE team has build(more information about this script can be found here) to get a list of updates needed for partners updates (for example Dell, HP or Adobe)
  2. For Windows Updates, you have been able to use the WSUS console


Since all of the information we need do exist in the databases I thought a standard SQL report would be easier so I build one and I have added it as a Management pack that you can import (see link below)

  1. Import the MP from the Administration space 
  2. When the import is complete is can take a couple of minutes and before the report is visible in the console (you might need to do a refresh F5)
  3. The report is target to the Windows Computer Class so whenever you select a Windows computer (in the computer space or in the monitoring space) you will have the option to run the “Missing Updates” report from the Action menu on right side
  4. You can also run the report directly from the Reporting space
  5. When you have selected the report you have the option to select one or more computers and also select from what category you want to run against (Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Hp etc)
  6. After you click run you will get a list of the updates the computer(s) need(s).

If you have any feedback on this MP, please send me a mail bjorn.axell@advisec.com or add it as a comment to the blog post

Download Missing Updates MP

I want to thank Ravi K. from the SCE team and to Mattias Lind – http://blog.mssqlserver.se/ for helping out with the SQL query


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