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Exchange 2007 MP 6.0.6702.0 issues January 16, 2010

Posted by Björn Axéll in MP, SCOM.
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When I was at a customer, I run into two issues when configuring the Exchange 2007 MP that I thought I would share with you all:

  • Problem 1
    • If your Exchange has multiple OWA virtual directories, you wont get any data in the synthetic transaction performance views
  • Solution
    • As of now, you need to delete the “extra” virtual directory
  • Problem 2
    • If you are running Exchange 2007 SP2 and configured the “client synthetic transaction” you will get an alerts (see below) and the state of your CAS Synthetic Transaction State(s) will go red.
      • When configured client synthetic transaction for OWA internal and/or External monitoring
        • The test was unable to log on to Outlook Web Access because the SSL certificate did not validate. You can force the cmdlet to proceed by re-running it and specifying the TrustAnySSLCertificate parameter URL
      • When configured client synthetic transaction for Activesync and/or Web Services monitoring
        • [System.Net.WebException]:The underlying connection was closed. Could not establish a trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.Inner error [System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException]:
          The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure – Some of the client access server connectivity transactions failed
  • Solution
    • Disable the BPA on CAS servers.
      1.   Click the Authoring button in the Operations console, and then click Rules.
      2.   In the Rules pane, in the Look for box, type Exchange 2007 Test System Health, and then click Find now.
      3.   Right-click the Exchange 2007 Test System Health rule in the list, click Overrides, click Override the rule, and then click For all objects of class: Exchange 2007 Best Practice. A list of override controlled parameters is displayed.
      4.   Select to disable it

System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Cumulative Update 1 is now released January 16, 2010

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Yesterday Microsoft released the Cumulative Update 1 for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2. This update included allot of fixes and is also a requirement if you plan to use the Exchange 2010 MP (Note that if you are using System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1, you should download and install the 971541 update)

Issues that is fixed in Cumulative Update 1:

  • The Product Knowledge tab is displayed as the Company Knowledge tab after you import a language pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2.
  • An agent cannot be removed successfully from a Windows Cluster service node.
  • The Heathservice.exe process on a Windows Cluster service passive node may have excessive CPU utilization.
  • The Healthservice.exe process may crash when it uses the OLE DB module.
  • The workflows that use the OLE DB data source may unload themselves if the underlying provider returns a null string or an empty string.
  • An instance of the MonitoringHost.exe process may cause a memory leak in nonpaged pool memory.
  • The notification subscriptions do not work if they are configured to parse a CustomField field or an AlertOwner field.
  • The Operations console loses the status as the current object that is in focus when a search filter is applied.
  • The SRSUpdateTool.exe process returns an error that states “Failed while updating registry entry for reporting code MSI component” when you try to upgrade SQL Reporting Services 2005 to SQL Reporting Services 2008.
  • The Operations Manager UI may crash when the Connector column and the Forwarding Status column are added to an Alert view.
  • The agents may re-process old Windows event log entries and then incorrectly generate alerts for these events that are not new.
  • Health state reliability fixes and improvements.
  • The Operations Manager Audit Collection Service (ADTServer.exe) does not start on an ACS Collector if the operating system is upgraded to Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • In a performance report that is exported, the list of object instances is not displayed

    NOTE! This update need to be applied to all roles (RMS, MS, Gateway, Web, ACS and agents). Please read the technote for recommended installation order

    NOTE! There is two steps that require manual configuration after you installed the update. Please read the technote for details


    Download the Cumulative Update 1 update from Microsoft