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Cross Platform Cumulative Update 2 is now released February 10, 2010

Posted by Björn Axéll in SCOM, X-plat.

Yesterday Microsoft released the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Cross Platform Cumulative Update 2 (KB979490). This update fixes the blow issues (plus the fixes in KB973583)

  • The Log File provider rescans a file repeatedly if the size of the file has become smaller than last scan, generating old records and potentially causing performance issues on AIX computers and the Operations Manager Management server.
  • When the Operations Manager Management server fails over to another Management server, alerts in the failed server’s log files may be re-generated and CPU load may increase significantly.
  • The Cross Platform agent installed on a Solaris computer could stop working when the system configuration is changed. For example, when disks are added or removed on the Solaris computer.
  • The Operations Manager agent stops working on computers running supported version of Solaris where Hot Spare Pool is declared by name and there is no disk association.
  • The Operations Manager Management server fails to replace display string parameter while creating the alert for monitor state change.
  • Operations Manager generates ‘disk full’ alerts when mounting UFS CDROMs on any supported version of Solaris.
  • Certificate generation could fail when adding a new UNIX or Linux computer to the management group.

Note that this update need to be install on both Management Servers and gateway Servers

Download this update from Microsoft

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