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My name is Björn Axéll and I’m working as a senior consultant at Advisec AB, which I’m also part owner of. My focus areas are Microsoft infrastructure products:

The meaning with this blog is to give you news about these products and some “tips” that will help you on the road!


1. Peter - March 25, 2007

Welcome to the blog world mr B Axéll. I will sure put this on my watch-list!

2. Mohammed - October 6, 2007

Hi Axell…

Afer going through your website, i must say thanks for uploading such a good information on various Microsoft subjects, and same time i appolozie if i am not going through proper channel in terms of sending blogs.

Acutally recently I installed Microsoft System Essentials, after the installation and deployment agnets on the clients, i check the status in the computers groups, i found the below error.

1. Health State(Warning)
2. Operating system (Unknown)
3. Model ( Unknow)
4. Last connected (Not yet connected)

When i tried to do the remote-desktop i can do but some of the users i cant such as Vista, i checked firewall and enable them but same result and even when i perform the hardware inventory the out-put is nothing.

For the server on which SCE is installed i can see complete details, such has software & hardware inventory etc.

I appricate if you can help me out in this issue.


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